Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel


Rated on a 5-star scale.

Captain Marvel is an uninspired and predictable movie that follows the already worn-out MCU formula. Was it bad? No. Was it good? No. Like many of the movies in the MCU it is merely adequate.

Captain Marvel on a train | © 2019 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), an alien warrior of Kree, finds herself on Earth in 1995 after escaping from a battle with intergalactic shapeshifting Skrulls. With the help of a younger Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), she struggles to piece together her memories of a former life as a United States Air Force pilot named Carol Danvers, all while working to thwart the Skrulls’ plans on Earth.

Maybe I’m holding the MCU to a higher standard than I should be, but after the release of Infinity War last year, Marvel shouldn’t be able to get away with releasing the type of movie Captain Marvel seems to be. Filled with underdeveloped characters, clunky dialogue, irritating clichés, and absolutely ridiculous instances of plot convenience, Captain Marvel felt like a big joke to me.

Nick Fury | © 2019 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The saving grace of this film is Nick Fury and his relationship with Captain Marvel. While I found Brie Larson’s acting to be pretty subpar in a few scenes, I feel she really shined when dealing with people on Earth. Other than that, I found her character to be lackluster. I couldn’t tell you one thing other than her superpowers to describe the character of Captain Marvel to you. In one scene she seems really callous and abrasive, and in the next she is sympathetic and kind. There is not a great deal of consistency.

This might be a slight spoiler but if there is one thing that I found to be the absolute worst in this movie, it would have to be the cat, Goose. I won’t say why but I will say that everything surrounding that cat is absurdly dumb.

I hate this cat | © 2019 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I really can’t say a whole lot about this movie. It’s a Marvel movie, so you know it’s decent at the very least. With all the comparisons being made between Alita: Battle Angel and Captain Marvel, I was really hoping this would be a much better movie. But I’ve got to be honest, I liked Alita better. I never in a million years thought I would say that, but Alita felt like more of an original movie. These Marvel movies have become so incredibly stale to me.

The Verdict

Captain Marvel and some other people | © 2019 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Captain Marvel is another mediocre MCU movie. It’s nice to have a female lead for once in these superhero movies, but I feel Marvel could have done a much better job with this than it did. Apart from one particularly touching moment, nothing else really stands out. This movie does its job of being a stupid, action-packed superhero movie. It fails to do any more than that.

My Rating


Rated on a 5-star scale.

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